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Bachelor parties are a time to celebrate and have fun. It’s an opportunity to see your old friends and have a boys trip that the bride-to-be will never hear about. When you’re preparing for a wild time, it’s important to know how to dress. Your three main outfits for any bachelor party go as follows: the daily casual, the going out, and the athleisure fit.

Look #1- The Daily Casual

The daily casual look is for exploring the city during the day before you and the boys enjoy the night. It’s for biking the town, day drinking, grubbing, and/or exploring the city sites on foot. You’re going to want to be comfortable but still look good. The cuffed denim + Chelsea boot combo is my typical go-to. Pair this with a loud button-down shirt and you’re ready for the streets.

Look #2- The Going Out Look.

After you spend the day getting to know the city, head back to the house and start getting ready for a night you won’t remember with the people you won’t forget. I like my Warner jeans so much that I actually have a few pairs of them. My favorite going out shirt is the Wembley, and everyone loves dragons. I threw on a brand new pair of Kurt sneakers to tie the look together. Side note- after your shoes get wrecked from a night out, check out our video on “How To Clean Your Kurt’s.”

Look #3- The Athleisure Fit.

It’s always good to let your liver relax for a few hours and go have a nerf war followed by bubble soccer. Getting hit is less painful if you pre-game it but, it’s a fun time regardless. The 5 D’s of nerf wars are the same as dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.

Be sure to have a fantastic time, drink responsibly and live it up. If you found this post valuable, share it with your friends! Don’t forget to tag us in your bachelor party fits for a chance to get featured on @MenloClub!

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