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Whether you’re trying to finish a project, reach a fitness goal or complete a basic task, we’ve all procrastinated at some point in our lives. We become comfortable putting things off for later and end up feeling the guilt and stress of not meeting deadlines. Follow these 5 tips that’ll help you stay motivated and productive to avoid future procrastination.

1. Plan Ahead

Time management is key! Make sure you don’t get off track by creating a to-do list.

2. Don’t Interrupt Yourself

We often find ourselves getting easily distracted by checking our social media accounts, texts/calls, and even listening to music. Make sure to steer clear so you can stay focused.

3. Break Down Tasks

Prioritize your tasks by putting the most important one on top of your list to stay organized.

4. Change Your Environment

Working environments make a huge impact on your productivity. Pick an area whether it’s a bookstore or coffee shop and avoid any couches and beds if you actually want to get work done.

5. List Your Goals and Create a Timeline

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Setting a timeline will help create urgency to prioritize and complete your task(s).


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