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Let’s start with rejection. We’ll all experience rejection at one point or another and how we handle that rejection can change the course of our life. We’ll get rejected in love, in our career, and sometimes in the most unexpected places. Here are 4 ways to bounce back from rejection.

1. Analyze Your Emotions

Register how you feel—define it. Note where it’s coming from and why. The quicker you register an emotion and begin thinking about it, the better equipped you’ll be to tackle it.

2. Change Your Perspective And Learn From Your Rejection 

Everyone gets rejected. Sometimes, a rejection is the universe telling you that you just aren’t ready yet. Instead of giving up, take it as a chance to learn and push yourself harder. Learning from your rejection is critical to your next stage of success. You’ll get ‘em next time!

3. Be Kind To Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up. Seriously, don’t. Think of it as a momentary setback and move forward with compassion.

4. Refuse To Let Rejection Define You

Everyone gets rejected. Oprah was told she couldn’t be a journalist and now she has a multi-billion-dollar empire built off of journalism. Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team and now he’s a legend in the sport. You get the picture, don’t give up. If they had let rejection define them, they wouldn’t be where they’re at today.


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