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Fall is the perfect time to stock up on key layering t-shirts. Whether you’re going for a business casual look, everyday attire, or a night out look, tees are the perfect base layer to any outfit. The simplest outfit to pull off this season is the long sleeve button down shirt and t-shirt combo. It allows you to get creative and mix different prints and colors without getting complicated. Plus, you can add an extra layer with an outerwear jacket when it cools down, or easily take off a single layer when you’re indoors. Here are some of the best tees to buy on Menlo House so you can start layering like a pro.

1. Aikau Tee – White 

Pair this tee with any printed long sleeve button down to add detail to your look.

2. Benzy Tee – Gray

A dark colored long sleeve will balance out the cool hue palette of this crewneck tee.

3. Argos 2-Pack Tee – Multi 

This 2-pack bundle has the essential colors to go with anything.

4. Bloom Tee – White

A plaid-printed flannel will complement this minimalist graphic tee for a laid back, casual look.

5. Renato Tee – White 

Let this statement graphic tee stand out by layering it with a solid color long sleeve button down.


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