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If you’re anything like us, you spend a lot of time in the gym or on the court working on your fitness. It’s easy to throw on a tank and shorts and hit the weights, but sometimes the situation calls for a more styled approach. Here at the Menlo Club, we’re thrilled to see people get serious about their health, but we know that if you want to make the most out of your much deserved gains then you need to dress well, too – especially outside of the gym.

If you have some difficulty knowing what to wear and when, don’t fear; millions of men are in the same boat. Each month our personal stylists curate thousands of packages, and we’ve asked them to weigh in on what they think looks best for a whole range of situations. Next time you’re going out, check this cheat sheet and instantly upgrade your fashion game.


Whenever you’re heading to brunch with anyone (friends, co-workers, significant other, etc.), remember to never overdress. It’s safe to keep your look simple, comfortable, and casual. Layer like a pro and start with a basic tee and long sleeve flannel, then add some lightweight outerwear to mix different prints, colors, and silhouettes together. Balance it all out with relaxed fit joggers and black leather sneakers to add a touch of streetwear to the overall look.


Feel free to go head-to-toe in athleisure wear while getting your caffeine fix. The key is comfort, so keep your look simple while sporting this easy to wear style. This outfit features fundamental pieces from Grand AC that’ll pair with everything in your closet. Styling a zip-up hoodie and tee is an easy layering technique and compression shorts provide a level of coziness that your everyday jeans just can’t match.


No matter if you’re grabbing drinks or going to a show, date night seems to be the most dreaded scenario when it comes to choosing what to wear. Before you even start speaking you make your first impression by how you look, so don’t start off on the wrong foot. Wear pieces you feel excited about, like this bomber jacket layered over a clean-cut top, classic dark wash denim and, most importantly, suede Chelsea boots. Play your cards right and you’ll impress your date as soon as you walk through the door.


Kick back, relax, and dress down on your off-duty days. Laid-back attire is exactly what you need to decompress after a busy work week, but your outfit shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to be uber comfy. If you’re used to jeans, button downs, or even crew neck sweaters, try something new like pairing a varsity jacket, tee, joggers, and white leather sneakers together. If you’ve got some stubborn bed head, throw on a baseball cap to top it all off and you’ve got yourself the perfect weekend get up.


It’s not always about a suit and tie combo when it comes to your office ensemble. Look sharp and presentable by mixing classic silhouettes and trendy add-ons to create the perfect business casual appearance. Build your outfit with a few wardrobe basics, including mid-to-dark wash denim, and swap out your dress shoes for black suede Chelsea boots for a classic, clean-cut look. When in doubt, stick to neutral or dark colors with minimal prints. With that in mind, it’s easy to show your boss you’re a serious worker who also maintains impeccable style.

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