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Technology is integrated everywhere in our lives so why not get a few apps that also make your life better?

1. Headspace

Another mindfulness winner! They’ve got great tips and exercises that are designed to get you in the right headspace (LOL) and their design is both cheerful and aesthetically pleasing. Learn more.

2. Calm

This is one of my favorite meditation apps. It comes with some great features on the free plan if you’re not ready to upgrade to a premium account. You have the option to choose sounds and set a timer. Learn more.

3. Aaptiv

Need some inspiration or want to change up your gym workouts? Aaptiv is basically a personal trainer in your pocket. They have videos and guided workouts that’ll get you on track and seeing results in no time! Learn more.

4. Nike+ Run Club / Training

Nike’s Run Club apps is a great way to track your runs and run with friends. They’ve got a great community feature that allows you to start and join run challenges with friends. It’s a great way to be social and active. Nike Training is awesome because it gives you great ways to workout at home with little to no equipment. Paired with the Nike Training app, you’ll hit those fitness goals in no time! Learn more.

5. LifeCycle

This one is an underrated gem. It uses your location to help you see how you’re using your time! It logs everything from a grocery run to laundry, to a doctor’s appointment. This little gem helped me see just how much time I was wasting commuting every day and helped me change how I allocate my time. Learn more.

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