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Podcasts are great for boosting your learning in an easy to consume way. This month the Clubhouse is focusing on all things health and wellness. #BeActive #BeGrand. Almost 3 years ago, I got into podcasts and haven’t looked back since. Here are 7 of my favorite Wellness Podcasts that you should be tuning into this month and beyond.

1. Food Heaven Podcast

The hosts of this show have a ton of credibility in the nutrition space. They tackle all the different diet trends out there and debunk any myths. For anyone who’s looking to figure out what’s right for you when it comes to food, Wendy and Jess can point you in the right direction. Subscribe here.

2. Sleep with Me Podcast

If you’re anything like me, you live at a million miles a minute and winding down at night feels impossible. Scoot tells the best bedtime stories and you’ll actually fall asleep. I’ve never listened to it during the day, and definitely, don’t recommend it as a commute podcast. Subscribe here.

3. Good Life Project Podcast

Hearing people’s stories is a way to get inspired and learn how others overcame challenges and found purpose and passion. The Good Life Project is just one of those conversations that leave you feeling inspired when you need it most. Subscribe here.

4. Kwik Brain Podcast

Jim Kwik is a master of memory and learning. After sustaining massive head trauma, Jim was often called the “kid with the broken brain”. Instead of living with that label and giving up, Jim overcame it and taught himself how to learn and he’s sharing it with others. He’s advised some of your favorites from Bill Clinton to Will Smith—Jim proves you can boost your memory at any age. Subscribe here.

5. The Model Health Show

Shawn Stevenson can go deep into nutritional science while still making it super accessible for your everyday consumer. He adds a lot of fun and humor to conversations that can often feel dry. Subscribe here.

6. Black Girl In Om

This podcast is all about self-care and self-love. And tackles the ideas of what it means to take care of yourself mostly from the perspective of women of color in the Health and Wellness space. This podcast is still in its infancy and continues to evolve week to week. Subscribe here.

7. Teach Me How to Money

Wealth impacts your health. Financial stability and security are a must. This podcast gives you insights into how to manage your money as well as debt from student loans, credit cards, and even thinking about buying a house. Subscribe here.

BONUS: Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu has a series called Health Theory that’s a hidden gem in their podcast universe. Subscribe here.

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