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It’s not just abandoned houses and buildings that are haunted. You’ll find that some of the spookiest places around are actually some of the most well-known destinations including parks, museums, and historical landmarks. Check out our list of 7 places that we bet you didn’t know are haunted. Be sure to visit them at your own risk.

1. The White House, Washington

It’s been said that the ghosts of past presidents including Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman, and Abraham Lincoln still wander the White House to this day. Some have also claimed to see the ghost of former First Lady Abigail Adams carrying laundry over to the East Room.

2. Wrigley Field, Chicago 

Wrigley Field is known to be the most haunted ballpark in the country. Many claimed to see the ghosts of announcer Harry Caray, songwriter Steve Goodman, and Cubs team manager from 1930-1940 Charlie Grimm.

3. Sequoia National Park, California

Photo credit: The Active Times

The Ahwahnee Hotel located at the park is reportedly haunted by Mary Curry Tresidder, former hotel operator. Guests and staff say they’ve seen her floating up and down the halls. There’s also the “Crying Boy” who drowned in Grouse Lake in 1857, who calls out to people to lure them into the water. And according to the Miwok Indians, any waterfall you visit is known to be haunted by an evil wind called “po-ho-no” that draws people to the edge to push them off.

4. The Grand Canyon

There are rumors that this place is filled with ghosts wandering around at night. The most famous one is the “Wandering Woman,” who searches for her family that was killed in a hiking accident in the 1920s. Many employees on the North Kaibab Trail have seen her wearing a white robe decorated with flowers and a scarf over her head.

5. Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas

Located on the strip at The Venetian, this famous celebrity wax museum is known for paranormal experiences reported by security guards on site. Laughter and clinking of glasses have been heard inside, and they’ve experienced the feeling of being pushed by cold hands near the lower level.

6. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Many have reportedly seen old ships disappear after they cross the bridge. While other ghost stories feature the 1,600 people who’ve committed suicide there over the years.

7. Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles

In 1932, a 24-year-old actress named Peg Entwistle drove up to the famous landmark, climbed up the letter “H,” and jumped to her death. Some say that she’s haunted the area ever since, and have seen her on the hiking path of Griffith Park Trails still dressed in 1930s style clothing.


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