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9 Must Have Tech Accessories to Inspire Your Ultimate Man Cave

Man caves have been around for quite a while, serving as spaces for where guys can pursue their own interests, entertain, or just relax.  When it comes to creating your own personal domain, its important that it reflects who you are.  For today’s modern man, a sanctuary should be more than just dart boards, basic mini fridges, and television sets.  Below are some must have tech accessories to inspire your ultimate man cave.


Why crack open a cold one with the boys when you can easily brew your own craft beer.  Developed by avid home brewing brothers, PicoBrew made home brewing easier than ever.  Their latest product, Pico, allows you to brew 5 liters of fresh craft beer in about 2 hours.  To insure quality taste, the Pico allows you to use over 150 craft beer recipes from around the world made from eco friendly grain and hop PicoPaks.


Functionality and style are what make this multimedia table attractive.  The stylish table doubles as a speaker that can be connected through auxiliary cable or via Bluetooth speaker and is capable of 7 hours of nonstop playtime covering a range of 10 meters.  It can also act as a power bank with two USB ports for fast charging.  They’ve just finished up their Kickstarted funding period, reaching their goal over four times over!


Virtual reality revolution has changed the way we game and experience media and it is showing no signs of slowing down.  With tech companies competing to dominate the the VR world, there are a lot of options out there.  Since its debut last October, Sony’s PlayStation VR has been one of the top competitors alongside other favorites Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.  In just five months, Sony revealed that they had topped 915,000 units sold.  Just yesterday, the company announced that they have now sold over 1 million PSVR headsets.  If you already have a PS4, the PSVR is a great option.


From the increasing popularity of 4k TVs, to the improvement of LCD TVs, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to incorporating a home theatre vibe.  Another great option, though seemingly less mainstream, are smart projectors like the Beam.  The Beam is a smart projector that fits in any light socket, allowing you to turn any flat surface into a screen.  Simply control it with either an Apple or Android device to watch movies, leave messages, do presentations, or just use as a light.  Because its small and portable, you can take it anywhere.


Another high end smart projector option is the Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector.  The general concept is the same in that you can turn any flat surface into a digital display of your choice at the control of your personal smart device.  The Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector takes it to the next level by allowing displays to be as large as 80” (203 cm) in HD 720p resolution, and allowing you to connect to the internet and more via its wireless unit.  With Sony’s xLOUD technology and two 0.98” Bass Reflex Speakers, you’re sure to also get great sound.  And with the bundled HDMI unit, the possibilities are almost endless.


No space is complete without a quality sound system.  The Sonos Home Sound System’s wifi connected speakers along with their sleek design are what makes the system perfect for any room.  Because each unit connects directly to the internet, rather than through you smartphone or tablet, you won’t get any interruptions from phone calls or texts.  Being wireless, the system is easy to set up and customizable in that each unit can operate independently of each other or together as a group.


Danish company Bang & Olufsen has long been a favorite of many audio aficionados and music lovers.  Their latest audio line, Beoplay, focuses on delivering the same high-quality sound that they are known for, through stylish easy to use stand-alone products.  Like the Sonos system, Beoplay units are wireless, moveable, and can be set up any way you personally want.


Games are a given when it comes to creating your personal space.  The Atari Pong Coffee Table brings the classic game back to life through a multifunctional coffee table.  Not only does it double as one of the first ever arcade video games, it allows you to charge your phone and listen to music via Bluetooth.  It surpassed its pledge goal on Kickstarter with expected delivery for its pledgers to be December 2017.  While the funding phase is over, they are accepting preorders.


The Marshall Amplifier Mini Fridge looks just like the real thing.  Bring home the legacy of a classic Marshall amp in the form of a unique and eye-catching mini fridge.  Its design stays true by using authentic parts, knobs, and black fret cloth complete with classic white piping and brass rivets.  The 4 cu. ft. mini fridge features a can storage, reversible door, adjustable tempered glass shelf, low decibel compressor, and flush back design.


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