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Apple's new iOS 11 update is packed with useful and convenient hidden features.

It’s that time of the year. Apple has rolled out the latest version of iOS to accompany its newest iPhones, the 8, 8 Plus and X. While there are plenty of cool and helpful new features you will immediately notice in the update, there are also quite a few hidden tricks, as well. Here are a few of the secret tools you can discover in iOS 11.


Sharing your Wi-Fi password when a friend or relative comes over can be a pain. Unless you’re one of those people who still thinks “password123” is secure, your password is probably at least a little complicated. With iOS 11, you’ll receive a notification when your buddy tries to get on your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to tap “send password” right to their device (as long as they also have iOS 11/macOS High Sierra and have Bluetooth turned on).


Want to relive a moment from your latest Facetime call? As long as both parties have live photos turned on and are running iOS 11, just tap the white button in the bottom left corner of the screen while in the app and you’ve got it.


Owners of the iPhone Plus models will definitely find this useful. To turn on the one-handed keyboard, hold down the emoji key and select it from the keyboard menu. Easy peasy.


We all want to make the most of our storage space. With the new update, actually achieving this is much easier. Next time you need to free up some space, open your iPhone storage settings and review suggestions including “offload unused apps,” “auto delete old conversations,” and “review large attachments”. Each recommendation is personalized based on your storage and let’s you know how much you can free up in the process.


Good news: Grandpa just called and said he picked up the new iPhone. Bad news: he’s calling you for advice on how to use it, but explaining it over the phone isn’t working. With iOS 11, you can create a screen recording to show him how. Open up the Control Center and tap the record button to create your own tutorial. A red band will appear at the top of your screen to let you know when you’re recording.


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