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We’ve all been there – the week before Christmas and you’ve fallen so far behind on your shopping list that it looks like even mom won’t get a gift this year. Thankfully, we’ve got your back here at the Menlo Club. Use this handy gift guide to buy affordable and lovable items for everyone in your circle.*

1. Yamo Pullover – Black 

A good hoodie is hard to find. You lucked out, though, because the black Yamo pullover is a piece of outerwear that every guy needs in his closet, and it’s stunning black color will please anyone’s taste.

2. All FVFR Denim 

It’s not often that quality denim goes on sale, and it’s even more rare to find a whole category marked down. If you have some fashion forward friends in your life you can grab a few pairs of FVFR denim in an entire rainbow of colors.

3. Tuco Tee – White 

Here it is, the staple of all staple shirts. The virtues of the plain white tee have been extolled from classic Hollywood movie stars to indie rock bands and everyone in between. You need one, your uncle needs one, just get one (or more).

4. Darwin Jacket – Taupe 

Created in England during the 30s, Harrington-style jackets were made for all sorts of weather. Their lightweight build and water resistant materials are perfect for the damp British moors, but the Darwin jacket is perfect for your culture conscious loved one no matter where they live.

5. Cooper Monk Strap – Black

If you or anyone you care about is still rocking square-toed shoes, please read this. You owe it to them to fling them into the 21st century of dress shoes. The dashing Cooper Monk Strap shoe is perfect for the office or fancier outings, and trust us, your dad will love it.

6. Potter Long Sleeve – Burgundy 

Don’t forget about the gym rat in your life. Whether your friend prefers CrossFit, yoga, running, or boxing, the Potter long sleeve shirt will keep ‘em warm when they need to be, cool when they want to be, and stylish during the whole workout.

*Items normally ship within 3-5 business days of purchase. Delivery by 12/25 cannot be guaranteed. Purchase items as soon as possible for the quickest shipping.

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