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When it comes to vision boards, you probably know someone who swears by them. They’ll tell you to just print out images of things you want, look at them every day and all your dreams will magically come true…right? Not quite. There’s actually a very practical process to help you take things from pretty pictures on paper to reality. Check out these 6 simple steps to create a vision board that actually works.

1. Be Clear About Your Goals

What do you want? No seriously, what do you REALLY want? Get specific. Get real. This is for you and no one else, so be truly authentic about the things you desire and how you expect to feel when those things become reality. The clearer you can be about your goals, the more likely you are to make them happen.

2. Put Your Goals On Paper

Gather your supplies: Photos, construction paper, poster board, glue sticks, scissors or create your vision board on the computer. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Whatever process works best for you is how you should create your board.

3. Keep Your Vision Board Somewhere You’ll See It

It’s important to keep your goals top-of-mind every single day. Life gets hectic and it can be easy to put your dreams on the backburner but having a vision board stare you straight in the face every single day makes it hard to forget about your most coveted desires.

4. Take Steps To Make It Real

Here’s where things get real…literally. Visualizing is a powerful tool, but you also have to put in some work to help move things along. Write a list of action steps you can carry out every single day that will help make your dreams a reality. They should be realistic enough to do immediately, but impactful enough to start creating change.

5. Acknowledge Internal Resistance

Even the most positive change can be a scary thing. It’s important that you recognize any obstacles you create for yourself whether they be in the form of excuses, bad habits or more harmful acts of self-sabotage. Journey deep within yourself, reflect and realize that in order to reach your goals, you must let go of any part of yourself that no longer serves your path to actualization. This is much easier said than done, but the quicker you acknowledge your internal resistance, the sooner you can work through it, and move past it.

6. Check-In With Yourself

Be sure to continually assess how things are going. Notice what’s working, what’s not and make adjustments as needed. This is your life. Empower yourself to take control, and to live intentionally with a purpose and a plan.

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