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The Summer Solstice this year falls on June 21st. That means June 21st is the longest day of all 2018, so make sure you get out and use all the sunlight! Observing the two yearly solstices (Summer and Winter) goes back thousands of years, and while here in the US we’ve largely dropped the pagan roots associated with the Summer Solstice, it can still be fun to celebrate the traditional first day of Summer and watch the sun as it crosses directly over the Tropic of Cancer.

With all the extra daytime you might want to head to the park, the beach, or even check out an outdoor concert. Just make sure you protect your eyes from that Summer sun, though, with some of our Oshenta sunglasses. Try on a few of our new models like the Berlin in gray, the Belize in blue, or the Hamptons in brown. Our sunglasses are made from real acetate, not plastic, and feature unique designs that will turn heads all Summer long.


Berlin – Gray

Belize – Blue


Hamptons – Brown


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