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Winter is coming.

I think I’ve seen that on a TV show or something. Regardless, the most important thing to remember is, colder weather is on its way. You don’t want to be caught in a tank top and board shorts when the first cold front rolls in, so it’s time to start prepping your closet. Here are some of the hottest jackets to take you through this transitional season.

Fadden Jacket – Navy 

The Fadden jacket is basically the Swiss Army Knife of jackets: casual, neutral, and comfortable. It’s great for a guy who just wants to throw something on in the morning because the Fadden will keep you covered in just about any weather—hailstorm excluded.

Delpero Jacket – Olive

The Delpero is another great lightweight jacket that can handle a variety of situations. It has a classic military-inspired silhouette, which basically means pockets for days, and a surprise ribbed back hemline that will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

FFx12AMRUN Damon Jacket – Blue

If you don’t have a denim jacket in your closet, why? If you do, why not this one? The Damon jacket has a light blue hue which lends itself to almost any outfit, and the 1% spandex gives the denim a soft to the touch feel. It’s going to be your new go-to!

Armonn Reversible Jacket – Multi

Fall and winter mean rain clouds, and nothing is more annoying than walking in a drizzle without a coat. Save your shirt from that fate with the Armonn reversible jacket, a Nick Wooster collab that features a gray exterior and pinstripe interior which can be switched on-the-fly.


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