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According to dietitians, juicing is best used as part of maintaining an overall well-balanced diet. Green juices are nutrient dense, hydrating and packed with immunity boosting ingredients. They’re also great for healthy skin, energy and improving overall health. Veggie based juices are known to be linked to less risk of developing diabetes, which is why it’s important to use vegetables as the base and add a touch of natural sweetener from fruits.

The best thing about juicing is that you can make yours right at home and know exactly what’s going in your drink along with the proportions of each ingredient. Skip the store bought, overpriced options and invest in a juicer to make healthy juices on your own with some of our favorite recipes listed below.

1. The Super Beet + Kale Cleanser

via Candice Kumai 

2. Pressed Juicery’s Green Juice 

via Honest Cooking

3. The Lean and Green 

via Well and Good

4. Shawn Booth’s Green “Cocktail”


5. Lemon Ginger Green Juice 



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