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Each month we highlight a different Menlo Club member and ask them a few questions about their life and style. Read below to find out more about Club member Gabe Swaba.

What does style mean to you?

Fashion I think you can buy, but style must come from within. It’s more so about knowing yourself and who you are. There’s no roadmap to style but your own experiences. And above all it’s about self-expression & attitude.

When did you first start working out and why do you continue to do it?

I started Crossfit when I was 18 to develop some athleticism for college football. In my pursuit, I found a passion for the sport of fitness competitions at a few regionals and other big tournaments, and now I do it to continue competing with myself. Crossfit can teach you a lot about life and who you are! I use my experiences to teach and inspire members through their own fitness journey. I workout not only to stay healthy, but be the best version of myself to inspire others.

Do you have a favorite Club package you’ve received?

My most commonly used package would have to be my Grand AC packages because of my profession, but my favorite month would have to be November 2018  package with the fall style flannel & cozy vibes sweater to go with it. I also loved that month’s Moto Jacket Add on.

What’s your go-to outfit?

Thankfully these days I don’t have a go to outfit anymore, but if I had one it would be some Kurt Leather Sneakers, Jubilee Grand AC Joggers, a Diets Starts Monday x Five Four Beige Tee, and depending on the weather, hit ‘em with the Diet Starts Monday Sherpa Moto Jacket! Real Cozy Vibes. Oh, and anyone of the Chris Paul Dad Caps.

How do you make it easier to fit fashion into your life?

Fashion was always easy to fit in my life because it was such a big influence for me growing up, But Menlo Club has made it easier to be more creative while looking crisp. In the past I came up with some funky outfits but lately everything stays fresh with 2-3 pieces of Menlo Club in every outfit! On the days I don’t think about my outfit, as long as I find two or three items from the club I’m good to go, or on days I need to clean up all my Travis Scott merch and Yeezys I use Five Four to class it up! It’s easy when you have a variety.

What is your biggest dream?

A dream of mine is to make it as a model in the fashion industry while continuing to become the most invested coach/personal trainer I can be. I love fashion, and fitness is my passion, so it would be sweet to leave a presence in both areas simultaneously! Celebrity training, creating my own business, and some philanthropy work is also on the radar! Just hope to mold my own path!

Do you have any lifestyle pro-tips?

My Lifestyle Pro-Tip: focus on no-one. Just do your thing!


Gabe Swaba Instagram:

@gabe.swaba – Fitness

@kaleo.okalani – Fashion

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