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Each month we highlight a different Menlo Club member and ask them a few questions about their life and style. Read below to find out more about Club member Josh Curtis.

What does style mean to you?

Style means a first impression. You can only get one first impression, so why not make it nice, clean, chill, but fresh? You can do that without even saying a word if you have style.

When did you start making dancing videos/choreographing and why do you do it?

I started dancing when I was 8, dancing on a brick fireplace performing Michael Jackson for my baby sister. Michael would be moonwalking on the TV at the same time. Then my mom put me in an all-boys hip hop class and then it was a wrap from there. I started teaching at the age of 16. I dance/teach/create choreography because I have to. I would most likely go insane if I couldn’t.

Do you have a favorite Menlo Club package you’ve received?

No, I don’t. I love being able to throw things together and I love being able to dress the right part for each season and occasion. I love everything I get from Menlo Club! Ever since I was little everyone told me I can pull off anything and that’s what I try to live up to. You guys make it easy.

What’s your go-to outfit?

Lol I dance every day I’m so happy when I get to put on a outfit, so I guess I don’t have a go to outfit.

How do you make it easier to fit fashion into your life?

By subscribing to a dope Club like Menlo! I also follow fashion bloggers on Instagram, and I have a big love for skateboarding and hip hop culture so that alone takes you into so many different worlds of art, passion, fashion, and love.

What is a dream of yours?

A dream of mine is to own a J3KDANCECOMPANY studio in Riverside and in Palm Springs. Also, to own a full on sports arena with a J3KDANCECOMPANY studio as the heart of it in Irvine (kinda like a Boys & Girls Club, but a dope one). These dreams in that order is the source of my drive; that way I’ll be able to hand it all down to my son Jaiden.

Do you have any lifestyle pro-tips?

The main tips I have are keep God first, follow your passion and your dream, and always stay focused on what you want out of life. Love up on others, put yourself last at times. Make sure to find balance with everything you do. Last but not least, make sure you are happy.


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