Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic Edition, SNES Rumors Begin – The Clubhouse – a blog by Menlo House

Image via Bleeding Cool

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition was an instant success when it released last November and almost impossible to get your hands on if you weren’t willing to pay a ridiculous resale price. Despite its massive success, Nintendo has decided to discontinue the extremely popular console in favor of promoting the Switch. However, rumors have begin to surface about an SNES Classic Edition release come this holiday season. It only makes sense for it to happen as we see hundreds of titles we’d hope Nintendo includes if this actually happens. The NES Classic Edition was nowhere near perfect, but Nintendo gets another chance to right their wrong and help many relive their childhood over games like Super Mario World, Street Fighter II Turbo and NBA Jam T.E. With that said, stay tuned for more news surrounding the SNES Classic Edition as the holiday season approaches.

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