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Not sure what to pick out from the store this month? Well, our Menlo Insiders share a few of their favorite items we have out now.

Madie Long Sleeve

“I’m really feeling the Madie Long Sleeve. This month I started up my junior cross country season and as the weather gets colder as we begin fall, this item is perfect. Easy to wear for any workout or run and even casually with some denim and white sneakers (even the October sneakers would look with this). Definitely a cop for my fall running essentials.” — Elliot Sankey: @elliotsankey

Nobe Tank

“Take that Nobe tank and pair it with the Moonie black shorts , trust me it will add confidence to your work out or run , because there is no better feeling then knowing you look good , also nothing wrong with breaking some necks either “ — Jason Cuebas: @jason_wears_stuff

Ernest Leather Driver

“I’m totally cool with a shoe! The Ernest Leather Driver is dope! I honestly like it because it is a nice simple looking dress shoe. It’s a classic look. Also in my opinion for someone like me who is a bit shy when it comes to wearing a show like this I would feel much more comfortable wearing this one because it is much more simple. The buckle is nice enough for something extra on the shoe but like I said, more simple all around. Oh… and its LEATHER! That never hurts!” — Kevin Gerdes: @kevingerdes

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