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Perhaps best known as a charming vacation destination boasting abundant sunshine, azure waters, a fascinating history and mythology, and gleaming white edifices perched on breathtaking cliffsides, Mykonos has emerged as a flourishing art destination in recent years due to its ever-growing number of world-class galleries. Exhibiting the best of local and international talent, these 5 Mykonos-based art spaces are well worth a visit.


Location: Panahra Sq., Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Why We Picked It: Founded by art historian and curator Marina Vranopoulou in 2015, Dio Horia is renowned for introducing Greek painters, sculptors, and photographers to an international audience. Be sure to look out for two of the gallery’s two current exhibitions, one starring Mexican sculptor Raúl de Nieves and the other featuring Serbian painter Aleksandar Todorovic’s consumer-based watercolors. Meaning “two spaces” or “two villages,” Dio Horia refers to the gallery’s nomadic nature, often moving to different locations to absorb the full range of Greece’s rich cultural atmosphere. Image via Dio Horia


Location: 15 Enoplon Dinameon st., 846 00 Mykonos, Greece

Why We Picked It: Aiming to introduce avant-garde art to the general public, Kapopoulous Fine Art opened its doors in 1991 with a rotating stable of seasoned and up-and-coming Greek artists. Rapidly expanding, Kapopoulous has since opened up other locations in Athens, Koropi, Thessaloniki, Marousi, Spetses, Patmos, Crete, and Nicosia.Image via Kapopoulos Fine Art


Location: Goumenio Square, Mykonos, Greece

Why We Picked It: Since the 1997, Minima Gallery has been showcasing a wide-variety of Greek and international painters and sculptors, including London-based multimedia artist Nick Gentry who blurs the line between digital and analog with his paintings supported by film negatives and X-ray prints. However, they are mainly known for their brightly-colored, heavily-saturated abstracts and sumptuous landscape photography. Image via Minima Gallery


Location: Kalogera 20 – 22, Mykonos, Greece

Why We Picked It: Located in the very heart of this idyllic city, Rarity Gallery was the first gallery on the island to feature big name artists from around the globe. For nearly twenty years, this cultural hub has been drawing visitors to its impressive five solo shows a year featuring everything from contemporary painting to photography. Image via Rarity Gallery


Location: Meletopoulou 7, Mykonos, Greece

Why We Picked It: The Big White Gallery’s comprehensive repertoire includes ancient Greek-inspired and contemporary paintings, sculptures, etchings, prints, mosaics, and ceramics, often displayed side-by-side, perfectly exemplifying this extraordinary art city’s storied past and promising future. Image via the Big White Gallery

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