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Anybody remember those New Year’s Resolutions we made to get in shape? Yeah, me neither. Don’t beat yourself up, though – the good thing is your fitness journey can begin at any time, even in the middle of the year! Whether you’re looking to renew some hastily made Jan 1 vows or jumping in for the first time, here are some pieces you can wear to your next gym day.

True Beginner

Not sure if you should try an incline dumbbell press or an incline barbell press? Try snagging the Be Active bundle and we’ll make the decisions for you. This bundle is a great introduction to some staple pieces every gym wardrobe needs.

Morning Run

Running – either you love it or you hate it. If you fall in line with the former crowd, the olive Breaker long sleeve shirt and black Elliot pants go great with brisk morning jogs. If the skies look a little gloomy you can slip on the Hines jacket, too for protection from the elements.

Hit the Weights

Not everyone wants to get totally jacked, but it’s always a good idea to include some weight lifting exercises in your routine. Freedom of movement is important, so throw on the breezy iron gray Wassen tank and black Portland shorts and you’ll be ready for Muscle Beach in no time.

Zen Master

Nothing will work your body like a good yoga session. If you wanna be pushed to the limits of your flexibility and strength and look good doing it, wear the Wassen tank in mulberry with the Parkview tights or Olympic shorts. Feel free to layer the bottoms!

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