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Summer is synonymous with one word – vacation! If you’re taking advantage of the great weather and some time off then you’re in luck, because at Menlo House we’re releasing some hot items just in time for all your trips. You handle the itinerary and we’ll handle the contents of your suitcase.*

*some packing required

The World Traveler

It’s time to leave those Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs behind. Fashion trends outside the states might seem daunting or too couture, but you’ll keep up with the locals in some olive Macguire pants and a black Cottesloe shirt. Slip on a pair of sand colored Dave Suede sneakers for some extra oomph.

The Adventurer

We can’t all go mountain climbing in Sumatra, but if your journeys take you to the wilder side then make sure you have the right gear. The Rome shorts and Bourez tee in khaki will let you move around with ease, and if things get a little chilly you can always button up your olive Delpero jacket.

The Daytripper

Sometimes a weekend getaway is all you need. If you’re only heading down the road then pack light with some essential items that are sure to fit whatever adventure pops up. The navy Ringo shirt and white Drake slim fit jeans are a timeless combo, and the Kurt leather sneakers will keep your feet comfortable mile after mile.

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