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Wondering what makes the Kinetic running short so great? Here are 12 reasons why – and that’s just the beginning.

    • The outer shell is made of 4 way stretch material for increased range of movement
    • It features a triple secure waistband so you don’t have to worry about it slipping when you’re winning a race
    • The outer waistband is elasticated, plus it has a stretch draw string to adjust the fit
    • The inner waistband is made of a soft, stretch band to make it comfortable against your skin, allowing for increased endurance
    • It has X-2 invisible side pockets with extra light zip closures
    • The wearer’s left pocket features a stretch loop that can be used to suspend a key and keep it from bouncing around when running (the loop is anchored at the shorts most secure point -the waistband – and can also be used to hold a tee shirt, post workout)
    • The inner compression short is constructed from a super soft, 4 way stretch fabric, designed to be worn against the skin instead of regular underwear.
    • The inside of the short has flat lock stitching in super soft thread for the utmost comfort
    • The short also replaces the need for a jock strap, holding everything in place and providing the perfect support during physical activity
    • The compression short also has a double strength band around the leg opening, designed to stop the short from riding up when in use
    • Around the band is a reflective graphic, which gives extra visibility when running at night.


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